RESEARCH TITLE Project of Interfacial adhesion Using Optical Technologies


ホーム 研究プロジェクトProject of Interfacial adhesion Using Optical Technologies


Principal Researcher

Department of Applied Chemistry

Associate Professor Osamu Shimomura


Department of Electronics and Information Systems Engineering

Professor Tomosumi Kamimura


Department of Applied Chemistry

Professor Shinya Higashimoto


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor Tomoaki Hashimoto


Department of Environmental Engineering

Professor Yasunori Kosaki


The aim of this research project is to create revolutionary hybrid organic-inorganic photoresponsive materials based on interfacial adhesion using optical technologies. This study brings to construct fundamental technologies of the interfacial adhesion mechanism using spectroscopy measurement, molecular simulation, and environmental analysis. Those results obtained would give back to society as commercial products with the joint research collaboration of industry, academia, and Government.


One example of interfacial bonding is material adhesion. With regular adhesives, bonding proceeds via the chemical reaction of an adhesive with a catalyst. We have developed a novel type of catalyst encapsulated within an inorganic layered compound. This unique catalyst can be stored in adhesives under ambient temperature and can be activated under heating conditions. These technologies have got attention from materials industry and academia. In this project, we create functional materials that start the reaction with solar energy as an external stimulus of light. We also carry out the characterization of the structural analysis, reaction simulation, and adhesive strength of these materials with joint research members. We also perform the environmental analysis to handle the problems in the usage process such as gas emission from the adhesive interface. This research aim corresponds to the target of the SDGs 9 “Industry, innovation and infrastructure”, and will promote the leading technologies of Japan as interdisciplinary research.


Expected Results of Research

We aim to achieve a commercial product by promoting research on the development of fundamental technologies to collaborate with industry, academia, and government. We are also proceeding with patent applications and will return the achievements to society via academic journals and academic conference presentations.


For any inquiry about this project, please contact Center for Research Administration & Social Outreach.

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